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Etanolduto DN 12″

4Pipe-Hidropig has participated in the pre-operation stage of Logum Logístics pipeline, 12″ in diameter and 32 km long, connecting the Guarulhos Terminal of Logum (TTGRU), to Point A of São Caetano do Sul (PASCS), where ethanol is delivered to 3 large customers.

The inertization steps of the pipeline were performed, through the release of pigs, spaced out between each other, with the use of nitrogen and, later, the filling of the pipeline with ethanol, through a procedure of launching pigs to ensure the complete pipeline ballast.

This pipeline is part of a pipeline network of more than 445 km, which aims to enable the transport of ethanol in a competitive way, streamline its distribution, besides bringing benefits to the environment, since it has reduced the carbon footprint of companies which choose for pipelines instead of road transport.

This system is a vital part of building the infrastructure of a developing country, which needs to be aware of the issues of intelligent fuel distribution and the logistics needed to support the industry.

It is a pleasure to be present in a project with this relevance, with a company recognized important in the national market.

4Pipe-Hidropig congratulates its team on this great achievement.

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